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Blue Hill House Ibiza is laid-back living on the hill. Blue Hill House is blending with Ibiza and is about respecting the islands. Feel the spirit, feel the good vibration. Where else could you experience the combination of "the 15 features" (see below)? This place might be something special. Best match: fortunate free spirit people, with half hippie mentality. REQUEST BOOKING (Only for guests who already stayed at the place. First time visitors, please find us via Airbnb or Booking)

Laid-back villa for 10 people. Unparalleled. 

This place is out of this world.

There’s no other way to holiday on the island except for at Blue Hill House.

You can  count on one hand  the places that have all of this:

  • Both, wonderful sunrise and SUNSET
  • Unspoiled 360° views and spectacular SEA VIEW
  • Licensed ETV-1984-E
  • No ! traffic
  • No ! urbanization
  • Exclusive KING-OF-HILL status
  • NATURE reserve
  • Heated swimming POOL
  • Several CHILL zones
  • OUTDOOR kitchen
  • Beautiful mediterranean GARDENS
  • Fine food & high-end service possible on request
  • Five sleeping -and bathrooms
  • Perfect location to explore the entire Pitiusas
  • International photoshoot location

Heartly plea: respect this small nature area and respect nature and shores of Ibiza.

Guests can taste
our award winning
Blue Hill Gin