Taste the exceptional Blue Hill Gin Ibiza - London Dry

Taste the exceptional Blue Hill Gin Ibiza - London Dry

About the gin

We gladly present you Blue Hill Gin Ibiza. The recipe of this London Dry dates from the year 1610. After 10 years of research, this recipe was discovered by professor Sas. The professor has won the most prestigious competition in the world with another gin - a well-balanced London Dry. Blue Hill Gin Ibiza is “just as unique, and perhaps even more balanced, thanks to the Ibicenco Botanicals and cactus fruits”, he says.

Artisan product

From harvesting the botanicals in San Augustin to adding the label to the bottle, everything in the production process is done manually by Nathalie & Hendrik & Prof. Sas. The distillation process is a traditional one, and takes place in a distillery in Flanders - home of the Gin. This makes our gin a product of high value. Ask for the complete story behind the discovery of the recipe, the reason of its supreme quality and the traditional production methods.

Order Blue Hil Gin

One bottle: 43 euro.
Ten bottles: 39 euro.
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Guest of Blue Hill House Ibiza get a bottle for free.
There might be a waiting list, since the botanicals and cactus fruits can only be harvested twice a year around Blue Hill House Ibiza, San Augustin.

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Airport and Blue Hill House



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